Berlin Sessions

Berlin Sessions and Insel - Berlin Treptow invi­te you to this year’s second edi­ti­on of our Insel Sessions!
Every last wed­nes­day of the month, we’ll show­ca­se three acoustic artists in a beau­ti­ful out­door set­ting. Located clo­se to Treptower Park, we invi­te you to dip your feet in the water, get rid of the city’s trou­bles, enjoy the com­pa­ny of good fri­ends, fine beers and dis­co­ver some fan­tastic artists.

Wolf & Moon
Wolf & Moon is a dutch duo who are now based in Berlin. Their mini­ma­listic Indie-Folk with spark­les of Electronica and Pop reminds of the likes of Angus & Julia Stone or Oh Wonder, but denies their pom­pous and bom­bastic instru­men­ta­ti­on. Wolf & Moon are always on the road, tra­ve­ling and tou­ring throug­hout the world, drawing influ­en­ces from all kinds of musi­cal styles. So it’s no sur­pri­se that for easy tra­ve­ling, their set­up only con­sists of a gui­tar, a bat­te­ry-powe­r­ed key­board, an iPad-Drum-Machine - and both their che­rub-like voices.

‚It’s A War (Live)‘:
‚I’ll Be On The Clouds (Live)‘:

JonZ is an opti­mistic and inti­ma­te duo, who wri­te power­ful yet gent­le folk songs, wrap­ped in a soft elec­tro­nic blan­ket. Their debut album „Solid Wind“ saw the light of day this march and real­ly was a collec­tive effort: Songs that were crea­ted on the road, crowd­fun­ded by the fans and recor­ded with about 20 dif­fe­rent musi­ci­ans on instru­ments such as Sitar, Harp, Kamancheh and many others. The out­co­me is an album, which high­lights the crea­ti­ve uni­que­ness of Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or and enab­les you to dis­co­ver musi­cal intri­caci­es every time you lis­ten to it.

‚I Can’t Be Perfect (Live)‘:
‚I Believe in You (Live)‘:

Alex Siegel
California born and rai­sed Alex Siegel is crea­ting his own brand of Indie-Pop by com­bi­ning ele­ments of 60’s Pop with the warm low end of hip-hop and swee­ping cine­ma­tic sound­s­capes. Alex’s songs are power­ful and fami­li­ar, yet some­thing alto­ge­ther new. Formerly of the musi­cal pro­ject Waterstrider, Alex now relea­ses music and per­forms under his given name, while also col­la­bo­ra­ting with dif­fe­rent pro­jects and musi­ci­ans, such as Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and others. For the Insel Sessions, Alex will play a spe­cial solo acoustic-set.

‚Lonely Days (feat. Emily Rae Rose)‘:


Wednesday, June 27th at Insel Berlin

///////// info:
3-5€ // admis­si­on - doors only
18:00 // doors
19:00 // con­certs start
45 minu­tes // play­ti­me each act
22:00 // end

Please note that no drinks are allo­wed to be brought with you.

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